Putting Cars on Spanish reg plates for many years

Here at Vehicle Registrations Costa Del Sol we take pride in the service we offer clients to matriculate their vehicle onto Spanish reg plates vehicle registrations


Our service compared to Gestors or other companies.

We feel as though we offer by far the most comprehensive service on the coast. Many companies and Gestors offer this service however here are the main differences. We check your car our pre ITV to make sure nothing is obvious that might fail the ITV. There are too many details to list at what we look at on your vehicle. Should there be anything needing doing we advise and one of our qualified mechanics can help pre ITV. This is a big deal as it is a pain to fail the ITV, this service is FREE for now.  We source and arrange fitting of headlights if needed and offer headlight realignment. This includes the fog light and reverse if needed We, book the ITV for your you and we take the car through the ITV for you also. We prepare all the paperwork to take to the ITV, including a Ficha Technica, which we arrange and do for you outside your home or work. Without this your car cannot take the ITV test. We, deal with all the relevant bodies , pay the taxes on your behalf, get the Spanish reg plates delivered, fit them on your car for you. We pay the existing road tax on your behalf also. We also provide, parts and the best prices in Europe and Mechanics that will not rip you off. We get the plates and your new Spanish paperwork delivered to you and fit the plates on your car. Try and find a company that does all of that for the price we offer

Any cars from the EU, all 27 EU countries it is a relatively straight forward service. Cars from the UK now have a different path to most, please contact us for details. 

On UK cars the headlights usually have to be changed. We can let you know when we look at the car. We offer headlight realignment as part of our service. For EU cars it is very rare anything has be changed to the vehicle pre ITV Inspection. 

Yes, we book the ITV appointment and we take your car through the test for you. You can meet us there or we can take the car from your property and drop it back off after. 

Yes, we do all the paperwork on your behalf and we order your new Spanish reg plates and fit them on the car for you. 

You get 60 days to fix any problems with the car. We will help with this. We will then rebook and take the car through a ITV re-test. A retest is free. Basically we will make sure it passes the retest.

Headlight beam, washers, indicators, hazards, emissions, fog lights, reverse lights, tyres, VIN Number, window tints, modifications, brakes, handbrake, suspension. 

Usually Mijas ITV centre (Fuengirola) However based on your location we may use one nearer to you. 

Information on your vehicle to get you a free quote for Spanish reg plates. You can fill this quick form this enables us to give an accurate quote for your taxes and the service. 

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