Register a Danish Vehicle in Spain

Registering a Danish vehicle in Spain is pretty straight forward. Most vehicles from Denmark have been well looked after which means they are definitely worth registering as the equivalent vehicles in Spain are much more expensive. Everything is located in the correct place. The headlights, steering wheel and kilometres are all in synch with passing an ITV inspection in Spain.

What is required to Register a danish Vehicle in Spain?

  • Part 1 of the vehicle registration document – Del 1(Blue)
  • Part 2 of the vehicle registration document – Del 2 (Blue)
  • Proof of address in Spain
  • Proof of ID

Paperwork required for a Danish Vehicle

Below is an example of both Del 1 and del 2 parts of the vehicle registration documents. Without both parts you cannot register a vehicle from Denmark in Spain.

This is required in its original format to book the ITV technical inspection. You will also need us to create a file and send it the ITV station. Check the vehicles conformity to make sure it can actually take a vehicle test. The emissions of the vehicle, the registration date, the engine and power, and the date on the document.

How do you get a free Estimate on costs?

The easiest way to get a FAST and free quote is to fill this form and send us the vehicle registration documents part 1 and 2. When you fill the form it will automatically send you an email so you can send the documents to us by email or WhatsApp. We will then send a fast quote with all the info of coats, processes and taxes on. And we will do a full study on the vehicle.

Have you Registered a Vehicle from denmark in Spain Before?

Yes, we have registered many danish vehicles here in Spain. usually a pretty straight forward process due to Danish vehicle being left hand drive. In fact we have registered many Danish motorcycles also. We have a very high pass rate for the technical inspection of vehicles from Denmark , usually with the fact they have been well looked after.