Registering A Northern Ireland Car In Spain

Registering a Northern ireland car in Spain

If you are looking for information on registering a northern Ireland car in Spain this is the information you need. Registering a Northern Ireland vehicle in Spain is slightly easier than registering a United Kingdom vehicle after Brexit. Because Northern Ireland is still part of the EU market we can still matriculate your Northern Ireland vehicle onto Spanish plates without the need to pay import duty and IVA. This also applies to importing an southern Irish car to Spain.

Paying taxes on Registering A Northern Ireland Car In Spain

Import duty and IVA account to 31% of the value of the vehicle, however these taxes can be waived and your vehicle from Northern Ireland can be matriculated on to Spanish number plates relatively easy. Pretty much the same rules apply as they did before Brexit. There are extra hoops to jump through but we help you with the process.

How we can help register a northern Ireland car in Spain

We can help importing your vehicle if you need transport to get it to Spain. However, it is much easier to drive it over on the ferry. To make an inquiry regards putting your Northern Ireland car on Spanish place contact us and we can provide a free quote regards the cost for the matriculation.

We do everything including paying of taxes, paying of emission taxes, the ITV, dealing with anything that needs doing on the car prior to the ITV, headlights, road tax, insurance, basically the whole package.

What is needed to import an Irish car to Spain?

The vehicle has to be at registered in Northern Ireland address. We have put several vehicles through the ITV test and final registration with no problems regards import duty and IVA. Brexit on this occasion has not affected registering vehicles from northern Ireland in Spain.

What you will need to register a northern Ireland car in Spain

  • The V5 log Book
  • The vehicle to be registered in Northern Ireland
  • Passport ID
  • NIE number or TIE
  • Valid tax, MOT and insurance (if not green plates will be needed)

How long does it take to register a NI car in Spain?

From start to finish the process takes roughly 6 weeks. A majority of this time is taken waiting for the ITV and the DGT regards the final registration. If you are thinking of moving to Spain permanently we can book the ITV before you get here so we do not have to wait.