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To register an American car in Spain there are several different avenues. Below is an outline of what steps are needed to bring your American vehicle to register in Spain. There are a few things to take into account before you ship and import your vehicle into Spain. Firstly all American vehicle importing to Spain require a import certificate this can be obtained in two ways.

  • You get the import certificate or DUA on entry to Spain. If the vehicle is with several other goods this may work out cheaper.
  • You write off the import duties due to becoming resident in Spain.

Can you write off the import duty and VAT if becoming a resident?

American vehicles importing to Spain, yes, you can waive the import duty and VAT if you are becoming a resident in Spain. You need to have owned the vehicle for over six months before the date of issue of your residency and the vehicle needs to be registered in the name of the person registering the vehicle.

The vehicle cannot be registered and the and the tax waiver cannot be issued until you are issued your actual TIE card in Spain. You can drive the vehicle in the meantime providing the vehicle has a valid technical test, insurance and road tax in the country of origin. Once the TIE card is issued the tax waiver can be applied for through customs’.

Can an American vehicle take the technical test (ITV)

Because the vehicle has likely not got an EU conformity number the vehicle has to take the technical test under a ‘change of residency’ inspection. For this you have to produce the TIE residency card in most cases. The best to ask the nearest ITV as each region has its own rules.

When the residency is in progress you receive a resguardo certificate, in short a ‘my residency application is pending’ certificate. Some ITVs may accept this as the proof of a change of residency to enable taking the inspection. It is always advised to check this as if not the residency card will be needed to take the test and complete the process to register an American car in Spain

During the residency process, you are issued a resguardo certificate, which essentially serves as a confirmation of your pending residency application. Certain ITVs may accept this certificate as proof of your residency change, allowing you to proceed with the inspection. However, it is recommended to verify this requirement, as you may need to present your residency card in order to take the test and fully register an American car in Spain.

Can you help with process to register an American car in Spain?

Yes, we can provide full support for all of the above issues. we deal with customs (Only for a change of residency) , the DGT (vehicle agency) the tax office, the emission charges , the regsitration, the number plates, new Spanish paperwork and the ECO sticker required in all of Spain.

What documents do you need to register an American car in Spain?

To register an American car in Spain, you will need the following documents:

Proof of ownership of the vehicle, such as the original title or certificate of origin.
A valid identification document, such as a passport or Spanish residency card.
The vehicle’s original purchase invoice or bill of sale.
A valid certificate of conformity or homologation for the vehicle.
Proof of payment of any applicable import taxes or customs duties.
Proof of valid insurance coverage for the vehicle.

Please note that additional documentation or requirements may vary depending on the specific circumstances and regulations in place. It is recommended to consult with the relevant authorities or seek professional assistance for a smooth registration process.