Register A EU Or UK Vehicle In Alicante

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If you have brought or bringing your vehicle to Spain and are wishing to register an EU or UK vehicle in Alicante you are going to need advice on just what you need and how to do the process of getting the vehicle onto Spanish number plates.

What You Will Need To Register A Vehicle In Alicante

  • Your vehicle registration document
  • A certificate of conformity (Ficha Technica)
  • ID passport, and NIE number or TIE card
  • Your vehicle checking pre ITV inspection

So How Can You Help?

We can do a remote service and provide everything you need to take your vehicle to the ITV in Alicante. Our service , even includes a representative to meet you at the ITV station prior to the inspection in Alicante. Included in the paperwork that we will send is a Ficha Technica signed and legal (certificate of conformity) your ID and a file with everything you need to get through the ITV inspection. Basically all you need to do is turn up without representative at a pre agreed time and they will do everything.

You send the paperwork to us and we deal with the paperwork, the DGT, the final registration, the road tax and provide proof it has been paid, the emission taxes if any. We then send you by courier the new Spanish number plates and all the paperwork that you need and you vehicle is fully legal to drive in Alicante and the whole of Spain. We can then provide the service to Register A EU Or UK Vehicle In Alicante.

How Easy Is The ITV In Alicante To Register Your Car?

We have done many successful ITV inspections in Alicante and the process is actually pretty easy. We can give advice on what might fail at the ITV and what you might need to do prior to visit. This might include info on tyres, lights, tow bars etc. The Ficha Technica will provide most of the details but we know what the inspection technicians look out for. Get in touch with us so we can get you a FREE QUOTE.

What If It Fails The Inspection In Alicante?

We provide a second ITV free of charge. You do not need to pay the ITV for a retest or any more to us to get the vehicle passes after you have put right what they have requested. This service is helped by us with what it may have failed on and we can give advice on what you need to tell the mechanic you use or put right yourself.

We are experts at what we do. Here is some info on our remote service and please feel free to call, email, or WhatsApp us. At the end of the day the fact you are reading this means you require help, we deal with everything to such a degree that your only worry is usually meeting at a specified time at the ITV station.

What Will You Need If Your Vehicle Fails The ITV?

All you need to take is the fail sheet given to you when you took the test. The ITV will usually retain the documents handed over first time. Then the ITV will check what you have done they requested only. They will NOT do the whole test again. Example. They fail the front left tyre, the new tyre is on they will just check that one tyre only. Obviously they will check everything they failed the vehicle on first time but everything that passed the first time is not check for the retests.

Register A Vehicle In Alicante

If your vehicle is from the UK you may need to speak with us regarding whether we can waive taxes for the car after Brexit. EU vehicles are much more straight forward and do not require import duties or IVA to be paid on the vehicle. Registering the car in Alicante is exactly the same as every other municipality in Spain however the appointments for the ITV can be much quicker as long as you have the correct paperwork and process in place for before and after the inspection. That’s where we can help you.