Register A Uk Car In Spain

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The process to register a UK car in Spain has changed since Brexit. UK cars are now classed as non EU vehicles. This means that UK cars arriving in Spain as from the 31st of December 2020 now need to clear customs without a dreaded huge tax import bill. However, the news is not all doom and gloom and new rules on the process have now been outlined. The Andalusian process is surprisingly different to the rest of Spain and it can be pretty straight forward to register a UK car in Spain.

** Important notice. We are in talks with the authorities in Spain regards what is acceptable of proof to waive taxes. More info will be provided on this article very shorty.**

Is this article regards importing a car or a car already in Spain?

Both, please read carefully the whole article and if gives very valuable info on both importing and how to register a UK car in Spain and UK cars that are already in the country. We are the best at what we do and we have a lot of very close relationships with the ITV centres in Spain and info from the DGT regards how to navigate the process of matriculating your car onto Spanish number plates.

Can you register A UK car in Spain ?

Yes, its completely possible. Especially if you bringing the UK car over and also taking Spanish residency. There’s more information on that here. This should also enable your UK car importer to make sure you are not taxed at customs for bringing your car into the country. If your UK car is already here and you have taken residency in the last six months. We can almost certainly waive the import taxes for you making the process worth while.

If your UK car is in Spain is it legal?

Your UK car will be legal for a certain amount of time (up to six months). As long as your car has insurance, road tax, a valid in date MOT and is not declared as sorn then your vehicle should not be impounded. However, with Brexit uncertainly it is always best to just start the process of matriculating your UK car onto Spanish number plates.

We have many clients who cars have been impounded unfairly as the Brexit dust settles at the moment it seems to be mixed messages as to what is legal and what is not. If you are having trouble with your car please contact us.

Can you waive emission taxes in Spain?

If you have taken residency in Spain in the last six weeks you can waive the emission taxes on the vehicle. This applies to EU, UK and all other imported cars. Cars classed as a personal effect also do not incur import taxes into Spain.

If you have taken residency in the last 12 months you can potentially waive the import taxes on the UK vehicle. This is a big deal and makes the process much cheaper. If you are in the process of a residency application then that’s fine we can tie in the residency application with the the process to register a UK car in Spain.

We also do residency applications to aid to importing your vehicle into Spain. Including the new non lucrative visa application which aids to to keep the cost of how to register a UK car in Spain to a minimum.

Do UK cars get import taxes at customs?

Yes, if not imported correctly. Again, we cant stress enough how you need a good import agent to make sure that the vehicle does not receive a large import tax bill right there at customs. If you are driving the vehicle through yourself no problem. Say you are taking the vehicle into the country for a period of permitted time. However, if you intend to import the vehicle make sure the vehicle has the correct documentation that you are bringing the car as a personal effect. Hence no import taxes.

What are car emission taxes in Spain ?

Emission taxes are called “special registrations tax” they are calculated on the emissions that come out of your exhaust pipe. Anything under 120GKM will incur no emissions taxes on the vehicle. From there, the emission taxes go up dependent on the car, engine size and grams per KM of carbon emitted from your vehicle. These taxes however, can be waived in the case of taking residency to register a uk car in Spain.

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Cost of getting your imported car on Spanish plates
What else on a UK car needs to be looked at?

For us to help with the process to Register A UK Car In Spain we can provide a FREE ITV check on your vehicle. We do this from your door if you are close to us or you can drive the car to us and we can provide the ITV check. Riviera Del Sol or the office in Alhaurin. We can also deal with paperwork at the same time.

How long can you drive a UK car in Spain legally?

You can drive a UK car in Spain legally for six months. This is providing the vehicle has a UK MOT, Tax, and insurance adapted to drive in Europe. If you vehicle is on Sorn also this could be impounded if caught. Make sure all of these are correct. If not, the car will most likely be impounded. This is a pain to get the vehicle released. This is why it is always a good idea to start the process to register a UK car in Spain.

Is it worth registering a UK car in Spain?

This is why we recommend a free quote. There are many things to weigh up regards whether the cost is worth it. The headlights, the ITV and the taxes. However, cars “generally” from the UK have been better looked after, have less mileage and second hand cars in Spain are very expensive. It’s weighing up whether the cost to matriculate the car onto Spanish plates outweighs the cost of shipping it back to the UK and selling the vehicle in favour of buying a Spanish vehicle.

Spanish vehicles tend to have what it also referred to as “Spanish kisses” an endearing term for bumps, prangs and dents in the vehicle, And the Spanish tend not to change their vehicles too often. This is another reason the second value is high. We feel with all weighed up its can be well worth it to register a UK car in Spain. We advise getting a free quote and a free pre ITV check to determine which way you should go with getting your car on Spanish plates.

We can now give great advice to anyone who is moving to Spain and have not yet brought there car over into the country. There area few Brexit teething problems with cars that already here. however, if you bringing the car we can give advice as to what to with certain processes before you arrive which will enable us to make sure you have everything the DGT, tax office in Spain and the import agents require BEFORE you arrive. this will mean that the process will be both easier for you and us. we are happy to provide quotes even if you have started the processes of moving to Spain.

We can also help with your residency application which will mean we have total control on timings and can even book the ITV before you get here. We can even help with getting headlights suited for roads in Spain you can have fitted before you arrive. Or, we can help you with lights when you are here.