Registering a motorbike in Spain

Registering a motorbike in Spain is pretty straight forward. If the Motorbike is EU very straight forward. From the UK we need to take a look at if we can waive taxes after Brexit. At vehicle registrations Costa Del Sol we not only do cars but we also have much experience with motorbikes. We deal with all the process for you. For us to give you a free quote we need information regarding the motorcycle.

To register a motorbike in Spain you need:

  • Vehicle registration documents
  • A certificate of conformity (we can provide this)
  • NIE or TIE card
  • Proof of address

If your motorbike has been modified an any way the ITV need certain information prior to any inspection. Basically the bike needs to be factory standard. Please contact us if you have modified your bike. Motorcycles under 250cc do not pay any special registrations taxes.

What is the process to registering a motorbike in Spain?

Please see above, we need information regarding the bike and any accompanying info. we can then get you a free quote. For superfast quotes please feel free to fill this quick form. You will receive an email where you can then send us the documentation we need. It is very important we see the documents so we can the technical information regarding the vehicle and the all important section K which shows if the vehicle has European conformity or now.

Can you modify a motorbike in Spain?

In a nutshell, no. The ITV are very strict on modifications registering a motorbike in Spain. Pretty much anything that is not standard on the motorcycle is deemed unable to pass the ITV. Modifications are just not a thing in Spain. If the vehicle has got a certificate of conformity they check the motorbike to its factory standard and any modifications will fail the ITV. There is a way to register modifications in Spain, however, the process is extremely difficult. Please contact us if your motorcycle is any way different than when it came of the factory. Like for like parts obviously is no problem. That chunky exhaust may just cause a problem.

The bike needs to be standard to the certificate of conformity. If your bike does not have one we can help provide one for you. On UK motorcycles you may need to change the headlight also.

Importing a motorcycle into Spain

We can help you with importing a motorcycle to Spain. We have our own import agent to deal with the DUA document which is the paperwork to legally import your motorcycle to Spain. You maybe making to the move to Spain permanently and taking residency in Spain. If so, you can potentially write of any import duty and IVA charges (IVA is VAT at 21%) Please contact us for details regards this. If your motorcycle is an EU vehicle then no need to worry about the import duty or IVA.

Where is the motorcycle test done in Spain?

The motorcycle test is done at an ITV centre. For a full matriculation the correct paperwork is needed to firstly book the ITV and secondly have all the correct paperwork for importing a motorcycle into Spain. We provide this and attend the ITV with you, deal with all the paperwork before and after the ITV. The vehicle is called into a motorcycle lane to take the test. After the ITV paperwork need arranging for the final registration including

  • Payment of the emission taxes (if any)
  • Road tax
  • Final registration with the DGT
  • Ordering the number plates
  • Dealing with the tax office