Register A Eu Vehicle In Marbella

Sales invoice for Vehicles not in the name of the new owner

When you have a vehicle that have bought and wish to register it in Spain there are certain parameters on the sales invoice that Spain are quite strict on. In cases where you wish the paperwork to be registered in your own name whilst registering the vehicle a transfer of ownership tax must be paid. We can work this cost out for you and every vehicle is different. The easiest way is to register the vehicle in your name in the country of origin however if that is not possible please contact us.

What The sales invoice MUST have on the invoice

● The sellers company name and address which match that on section B of the vehicle documents (part 1 and 2)
● MUST have the sellers valid EU VAT number (We can check this for you and provide a certificate)
● Details of the vehicle VIN number, number plate and description
● The PRIVATE FULL name of the individual buying the vehicle
● Date of purchase
● Price paid for the vehicle with VAT separately. If VAT is included it must state this on the sales invoice.

When the sales invoice is from a company to a company

This is from an EU registered company with the vehicle being sold to a registered company (CIF) in Spain. The invoice MUST show the following:

● Vehicle details, VIN number, registration number
● Selling company name address and company number which match that on section B of the vehicle documents (part 1 and 2)
● Sellers MUST have a valid EU VAT number. (We can check this for you and provide a certificate)
● The buyers SL company number (CIF), name and address in Spain
● Price with VAT separate, If VAT is included it must be stated on the sales invoice or shown separate
● Date of purchase

Why you need to pay transfer of ownership taxes

Unfortunately this always has to be paid. We can calculate this by seeing the sales invoice for a free quote. Basically, for example the vehicle registration document is in the name of the old owner. The sales invoice proves that you have bought the vehicle. Spain apply a tax to change the new Spanish vehicle documents that you get on completion into your own name. The vehicle will then have changed ownership to you personally.

Can the Vehicle Start the process in the meantime?

Yes, the vehicle can start the process of registration in Spain. The transfer of ownership is done AFTER the ITV and at the final stage, we will do the transfer of ownership for you.