Quotes To Register A Vehicle In Spain

providing a quote for vehicle matriculation

To provide a free quote we do a full study of the vehicle and the persons situation in Spain. 

There are over 80,000 vehicles in the BOE system for Spain all with a different calculation of taxes. Filling our form and providing the paperwork is the quickest and easiest way for us to work out the costs of your vehicle. Of course, we cannot do this without the vehicle regsitration documents as there is a lot of information on the documents that is very important we check. 

What is taken in consideration?

  1. The age of the vehicle – date of first regsitration
  2. The size and type of the engine
  3. The conformity of the vehicle (very important) 
  4. The country of origin
  5. The emissions from the exhaust
  6. The area the car will be registered – we need the postcode
  7. The road tax
  8. Our fees
  9. Import duty and IVA if applicable
  10. Your residency status in Spain
  11. If the name on the document is not the owner wishing to register the vehicle in Spain we need to work out transfer of ownership taxes. 

Our forms are designed to give us the info we need and ensures we do not make a mistake with your free quote. We require clear scans of the paperwork so we can do our job properly,  If your vehicle is registered in the EU does not necessarily mean it has European conformity. This could be a big deal and needs thoroughly checking. To assess the vehicle properly we need. The access the form click here for EU cars and here for UK cars. When you submit you receive an automatic email to send us the documents. 

  1. Vehicle registration documents (full pages)
  2. Certificate of conformity (if the vehicle has one no problem if not)
  3. Our form filled in for info on the vehicle.
  4. Postcode (in Spain) the vehicle will be registered. 

Quoting on Vehicles not owned yet

We are not being rude, however, we get a vast amount of enquiries to quote on vehicles that clients do not own. A lot of work goes into the quote and it is time consuming. We also have to ask our import agent (if needed) to work out import duty which he has to request from the tax office who spend their time also. For this reason we charge 50 euros to do a full evaluation of the vehicle you wish to buy including all of our normal checks, checking if it has European conformity, that it can actually be registered in Spain, that it can go through the vehicle inspection test, that the seller has EU vat (if a company), providing a sales contract, the transfer of ownership taxes. You can potentially buy a vehicle that cannot be tested without paying very high import duties. Its is very important this check is done before you buy a vehicle. Our staff can take up-to 1 hour to study the vehicle and do all the checks. 

Also transfer of ownership taxes will be applicable on vehicles you do not own yet and without info of the seller we cannot work out what these taxes will be. There VAT standing could affect whether you pay VAT or not on the vehicle in Spain. with an estimate. Of course 

What you will receive on a vehicle not owned yet. 

  1. A full breakdown on the conformity of the vehicle and whether it can be registered in Spain or not. 
  2. A Vat check on the company selling the vehicle
  3.  A full breakdown of costs of registration, emission taxes, road tax charge, transfer of ownership costs (if any), certificate of conformity costs, DGT processing fees. 
  4. How to format a sales invoice that the Spanish DGT will accept
  5. Translation of a sales invoice into Spanish

What if the vehicle is not in the name of the person registering the vehicle?

If the vehicle is not in the name of the person registering the vehicle a transfer of ownership tax will apply. This is a Spanish government tax. Each vehicle has a different tax and needs to be calculated. The easiest way to bypass this is to put the vehicle in your own name. However, we can do this whilst we register the vehicle in Spain and the vehicle can take the ITV inspection not in the name of the new owner but you will need our help. WE CANNOT PROVIDE THE TRANSFER OF OWNERHSIP COSTS WITHOUT THE PAPERWORK