Registering An Eu Car In Spain

Registering an EU car in Spain Cost and info #1 amazing

The cost of registering an EU car in Spain varies depending on several factors mainly the emissions from the vehicle and whether the vehicle will be arriving in Spain as part of a residency application. This can help waive emission fees also referred to as Special registrations taxes.

Info on how registering an EU car in Spain. This page will give lots of valuable and informative information regards how to register your EU car in Spain. Registering an EU vehicle car in Spain is usually quite a straight forward process. Generally EU cars have the steering on the left hand side of the car. the headlights point in the correct direction for driving on Spanish roads. And the fog and reverse light are on the correct side.

Cost of registering an EU car in Spain

Every car is different. The cost of registering a car in Spain is broken up into several costs. Emissions taxes differ for every car and we work the exact emissions fee for you please contact us for more info. This is determined by the G/Km (Grams per kilometre) of your vehicle. basically what is coming out of the exhaust pipe. There are the fixed costs that apply for Registering An EU Car In Spain.

  • The ITV – Technical import inspection
  • DGT – DGT & Colegio de gestores
  • Suplido
  • Road Tax
  • Ficha Technica
  • Fixed service fee for us to do everything for you.

And varying emissions taxes from Zero, to 1000’s of Euros depending on whether you drive a low emission car or a Ferrari.

How do you register a car in Spain?

Its a tough process registering an EU car in Spain if you do not know have the knowledge of how the process works. We do absolutely everything for you. From start to finish including the taxes, paperwork, PRE ITV check FREE, ITV test (book and perform) obtain Green number plates, pay the road tax on your behalf, get the new vehicle paperwork and and the Spanish number plates and we even fit them on the car for you when we receive them. We also order and fit green plates to enable you to drive legally in Spain while we perform the whole service for Registering An EU Car In Spain.

Changing a car to Spanish plates

Car Registration Costa Del Sol
Cost of getting your imported car on Spanish plates

Can I register a right hand drive car in Spain?

Yes, all RHD right hand drive vehicles can be registered in Spain. As long as the ITV test is passed and the car has been adapted with the headlight realignment, fog light, reverse light, and several other factors to ensure its suitability to drive on Spanish roads. EU cars are straight forward. UK cars after Brexit will need a new certificate but can still be done no problem.

Can a non resident register a car in Spain?

Yes, you do not have to be resident to register your car on Spanish number plates. As long as the vehicle is insured and up to date with its vehicle inspection ITV you can leave the car and use it when you drive on the Spanish roads. You will be registered keeper of the vehicle and and it will have a Spanish number plate. You will also need to keep up to date with your road tax in Spain. To register your EU vehicle in Spain you will need:

  • NIE Number
  • Vehicle registration Documents
  • ID: Passport or driving license
  • Proof of address only one of the following 3
  • 1: Rental Agreement
  • 2: Deeds of your owned property
  • 3: An up to Padron dated in the last 3 months

Any EU vehicle left over six months will be illegal in any given year. And could be subject to getting towed.

Do you offer the whole service for Registering An EU Car In Spain

Yes, we can a service as far as we are aware is unrivalled on the coast, including a FREE ITV pre check of your vehicle. Many companies and Gestors claim to offer a service for Registering An EU Car In Spain however many do not know how to prepare the car ready for the ITV, source parts, headlights, fog lights, reverse lights, and headlight realignment. They certainly do not offer the Ficha Technica report, book and perform the ITV for you, put your plates on. They help with final paperwork only in most cases.

Registering an EU car in Spain is different than registering a UK car (after Brexit) or a non EU car. Basically EU cars are much easier to register in Spain. They usually conform to all EU conformity and the way most of the EU cars are set up means that everything is in the right place. This for you means that there is usually very little to do to get the car ready for the ITV inspection.

Can an EU vehicle not be able to be tested at the ITV station?

Yes, even if a vehicle has got EU status in and EU country not all have actual European conformity. This usually occurs when the vehicle came from another country or even USA or Japan. It may be totally legal to drive in Germany for example. However, sometimes the vehicle has as import stamp. This is bad news and puts the process of registering an EU car in Spain in doubt. This is why we always suggest letting us check your paperwork for you to make sure the vehicle can pass the inspection. If the vehicle does not have European conformity there is a potential work around, but, we do get vehicles like this often. Another reason we need clear scans of paperwork so we can do our checks.

What is Needed for the an EU Vehicle to be legal in Spain?

Your EU Vehicle needs to have the normal requirements for any vehicle in your own country. The main sticking point is the insurance. You need to check whether the vehicle is safe to drive in Spain with your insurance. We can provide a quote and cover for vehicle’s that do not have valid insurance. Or, provide green plates as part of the process before registering an EU car in Spain for you.

To drive your EU vehicle legally in Spain you need:

  • Valid vehicle inspection test
  • Valid road tax in your vehicle registered country
  • Valid insurance covering you to drive in Spain for a specified time.
  • Valid driving license

Do not get impounded. Life becomes very problematic with an impounded vehicle in Spain.