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Steps on registering an EU or foreign car in Spain. This page will give lots of valuable and informative information regards how to register your EU car in Spain. Registering an EU vehicle is usually quite a straight forward process. Generally EU cars have the steering on the left hand side of the car. the headlights point in the correct direction for driving on Spanish roads. And the fog and reverse light are on the correct side.

Top steps to register a foreign vehicle in Spain

To register your foreign vehicle in Spain you need the original vehicle regsitration documents, a Ficha Technica Reducia, a valid ITV inspection,  Passport, NIE certificate or residency card and proof of address in Spain. You need to pay the relevant bodies mainly the tax office, DGT and town hall. 

Cost of registering a foreign car in Spain?

A foreign car costs approximately €900 to register in Spain with low emissions. However, the cost rises dependent on the vehicles co2 emissions. As does the road tax and insurance calculated by the vehicles power and age. 

Though every car is different. The cost of registering a foreign car in Spain is broken up into several costs. Emissions taxes, differ for every car this is determined by the G/Km of Co2 (Grams per kilometre) and the age of the vehicle.  The list below gives the necessary steps of the costs.

  • Step 1 – Obtaining a Ficha Technica – Certificate of conformity 
  • Step 2 – An ITV inspection Technical Test – 
  • Step 3 – Processing the documentation with the DGT
  • Step 4 – Pay the emission charges to the tax office 
  • Step 5 – Pay Road Tax – IVTM paid at the town hall
  • Step 6 – Request the physical number plates 
  • Step 7 – Request an ECO sticker 

There are varying emissions taxes from Zero, to 1000’s of Euros depending on whether you drive a low emission car or a Ferrari.

How do you register an EU car in Spain?

It’s a tough process registering an EU car in Spain if you do not have the knowledge of how the process works. We do absolutely everything for you from start to finish including the taxes, paperwork, PRE ITV check FREE, ITV test (book and perform) obtain Green number plates, pay the road tax on your behalf, get the new vehicle paperwork and and the Spanish number plates and we even fit them on the car for you when we receive them. We also order and fit green plates to enable you to drive legally in Spain while we perform the whole service for Registering An EU Car In Spain.

Can I register a right hand drive car in Spain?

Yes, all RHD right hand drive vehicles can be registered in Spain. As long as the ITV test is passed and the car has been adapted with the headlight realignment, fog light, reverse light, and several other factors to ensure its suitability to drive on Spanish roads. EU cars are straight forward. UK cars after Brexit will need a new certificate but can still be done no problem.

Can a non resident register an EU car in Spain?

Yes, you do not have to be resident to register your car on Spanish number plates. As long as the vehicle is insured and up to date with its vehicle inspection ITV you can leave the car and use it when you drive on the Spanish roads. You will be registered keeper of the vehicle and and it will have a Spanish number plate. You will also need to keep up to date with your road tax in Spain.

Do you offer the whole service for Registering An EU Car In Spain

Yes, a service as far as we are aware is unrivalled on the coast, including a FREE ITV pre-check of your vehicle. Many companies and Gestors claim to offer a service for Registering An EU Car In Spain however many do not know how to prepare the car ready for the ITV, source parts, headlights, fog lights, reverse lights, and headlight realignment. They certainly do not offer the Ficha Technica report, book and perform the ITV for you, put your plates on. They help with final paperwork only in most cases.


Do you need to import duty & VAT on an EU vehicle importing to Spain?

Not usually, vehicle’s from the EU to Spain are normally exempt from paying import duty. The vehicle needs to have the correct EU conformity for import duty and VAT to be exempt. This is easier if the vehicle is in your own name. However, if you have just bought the vehicle a correct sales invoice is needed. 

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