Cost Of Registering A Car In Spain

Importing a UK car to Spain

Are you thinking of importing a UK car to Spain? Many changes have taken place since Brexit and you need to be aware of major changes with possible import taxes when bringing your UK car to Spain. The last you need is get a large tax bill on entry into Spain. This article will guide you through exactly the process and the possible costs for importing a UK car to Spain.

Importing the vehicle

You have several options here, bringing your UK car on the Eurotunnel, the Ferry, or an import company to collect your car and bring the vehicle over for you. Lets take a look at each one. The most convenient by far is to bring the car over on a transporter. Using a transporter usually entails having many cars on the transporter hence the cost can come down slightly. This way you can take all the hassle out of the process and have the vehicle picked up and dropped off where you wish.

The good news about importing a UK car to Spain,

If you are importing a vehicle into Spain and you are intending on taking residency within the country then the taxes for both emissions and import duty can in certain circumstances be waived. You need a professional and experienced service to do this for you.

If the taxes are not dealt with properly and the DGT are not informed or given the correct paperwork regards tying in the matriculation of the car and the residency application it will be very problematic.

However, this is extremely good news as it means that the process of importing a UK car to Spain and obtaining Spanish number plates is pretty much the same as it was before Brexit, at least if you are becoming a resident.

Importing a UK car to Spain to matriculate onto Spanish number plates is debatable as to whether the cost is worth it compared with buying a Spanish vehicle and selling your UK vehicle in the UK. We advise contacting us to understand the exact costs and for transportation of the vehicle into Spain if you wish.

Vehicle transporters UK to Spain,

We can offer you a vehicle pick up in the UK and the car to be transported to Spain. Or we can take your car back to the UK from Spain. Please contact us for details. A DUA certificate such be issued to get your UK car into Spain. This means that the process of getting the Spanish number plate scan begin easier.

Can you take cars back to the UK?

Yes, we can do UK to Spain or Spain to the UK. Either way, if you have decided not to matriculate your car onto Spanish number plates then you can have your UK registered vehicle imported back to the UK. Or, you may even want to get a new MOT for your vehicle. However this is not necessary if you putting your car onto Spanish reg plates. For info on not needing an MOT to need to sort out Green reg plates to enable driving in Spain legally.

What are the import taxes of importing a UK car to Spain?

31% taxes in total. This is made up of IVA (UK vat) at 21% and 10% import duty. This is calculated on the value of the vehicle. The value is determined by the Spanish “book” and is non negotiable. Taxes are expected on import.

Importing A Uk Car To Spain
Cost of getting your imported car on Spanish plates

Are Spanish customs pulling UK cars at the borders?

Absolutely they are, and there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what the rules actually are. This is where your shipping company comes into their own. You DO NOT have to pay the import duty if you are bringing the UK car into Spain as a “personal item” when moving to your new life in and importing a UK car to Spain. Driving the vehicle into Spain. Some clients have told us they said they are taking the car into the country temporarily to avoid any awkward discussion and to get safe passage easier.