Getting a Ficha Technica or a certificate of conformity in Spain

Getting a Ficha Technica or a certificate of conformity in Spain is pretty simple. A certificate of conformity is used to present to the ITV and contains the information of the specification of the vehicle to check against the laws in Spain regarding what is considered European conformity.

We provide these Ficha Technica Certificate of conformity for vehicles all across Spain. We obviously help with the whole process but if you need a certificate of conformity and you are dealing with the process yourself then please contact us and we will provide one for the ITV.

Order a Certificate of Conformity online for Spain

We can provide a Certificate of Conformity online for Spain, from anywhere in Spain. Make sure you have the correct Ficha Technica SIGNED by a certified professional. Everything will be provided to take a proper SPANISH certificate of conformity to take to the ITV appointment.

We can send the certificate of conformity digitally or send by registered post. This can be used to take to your ITV appointment. Again if you need help with the whole process from Start to finish, just need the certificate, or you want us to deal with the final registration of the vehicle we can do all of those services.

Is a copy of a Ficha Technica Certificate of Conformity acceptable?

Not at most ITV stations no. Most need to be have been done by a certified professional, and physically signed for the ITV to accept the certificate. Only the certificate that was issued at point of sale of the vehicle is accepted at most ITV stations.

Can you help with the whole service?

We can offer a remote service yes. This is where we don’t have physical access to the vehicle or able to attend the ITV with you. However, read our article how we help and that the service is pretty much the same. Our service as far as we are aware is the most comprehensive in Spain. We will also help book the ITV for you and provide all the paperwork and deal with the registrations, taxes, and road tax.

Do you do EU and UK Certificates of Conformity?

Yes both EU and UK Ficha Technica Certificate of Conformity can be provided. we can also do NON EU vehicles such as USA, Canadian car import also. Make sure to contact us first and tell us what you need.

What Information is in a certificate of conformity?

The spec of the original vehicle and how it came off the manufacturers factory floor when new. Anything not standard you will have issues with at the ITV station. Spain have a strict process of conformity for the vehicles wanting to be registered on Spanish plates. The signed certificate of conformity will be done by an authorised agent and will have no problems at all at the ITV station. It will contain all the info relevant to the standard original conformity. Leave the hard work to us and remember we can also help you with the whole service anywhere in the country.