Car Registration Costa Del Sol

Remote service for Vehicle Registration in spain

Welcome to our page regarding a remote service when you need to register your car in Spain, however, you are not in our area. We are now offering a service to register your vehicle in Spain where we manage the project for you as usual with a few differences. Normally, we manage the project, book the ITV, meet you at the ITV and take your car through. With the remote service we can do most of the registration we normally do but you will need to do the ITV yourself with our support. In certain areas we may be able to provide a Spanish speaker to attend the ITV with you.

Firstly, we will make sure you have everything you need paperwork wise to take to the ITV centre to have the Spanish vehicle inspection test. This means there will be no mistakes at the ITV and they will have everything they need reducing any confusion or mishaps. Secondly we will tell you exactly what to expect on the day, how to inform the staff of your arrival, and give you info how to book and take the vehicle through the ITV.

  • Our experts check your paperwork to make sure you have everything to ensure you can register the vehicle
  • We create a custom file for you to take to the ITV in a folder. Nothing will be missing and everything will be correct reducing stress

After the inspection we will tell you exactly what we need and an address to send the paperwork the ITV give you. If they do not provide paperwork on the day we support you to get the paperwork from them. We will then do the service as normal and register the vehicle and send you everything up to date so the vehicle is done properly. This includes:

  • A free initial quote of the cost involved to register your UK or EU vehicle in Spain
  • Guidance on booking the ITV and giving you the correct documents to take to the ITV inspection
  • Provide a certificate of conformity (unless the vehicle has one already)
  • If the vehicle fails the ITV help with info on what is needed to correct the vehicle for a second test
  • How to book a second retest (free)
  • What to do at the ITV after the vehicle passes the inspection
  • What paperwork is needed and an address to send it to us
  • We then pay the emission taxes if any, register the vehicle with the DGT, create a file for any problems with registration, road tax the vehicle and provide proof, we receive the new paperwork , road tax receipt, number plates and registration documents for your vehicle. We then send these to you and your vehicle is fully Spanish ready to go.
  • We also provide insurance quotes for when the vehicle is fully registered in Spain.
  • Support through the process.

The only difference with this and the service we usually offer is the day at the ITV bit we will make sure that you are fully equipped with everything you need and what to expect on the day. We will provide a step by step instruction of what to do at the ITV and we will have made sure your paperwork is all in order.