Changing Headlights in Spain realignment Great #1

Changing Headlights In Spain Realignment of your headlights is necessary when you drive a UK car and you are putting your car onto Spanish reg plates. By nature the headlights of your UK car point in the opposite direction from the curb hence into the direction of oncoming cars. This is obviously a problem and as a result, when you register your car in Spain and put it through the Spanish ITV you need to have new Spanish headlights to enable the beams to face the curb. We deliver headlights to the whole of Spain.

Headlight Realignment Spain

Many lights can be realigned. Headlight realignment is often cheaper than buying brand new headlights. You can drive your car to us and we can check your headlights for you. We can do whilst we do your FREE pre ITV check. We will let you know whether it is better to buy new headlights, (which we can help with) or, have your headlights realigned, whilst your headlights and been replaced or realigned we can also look at your reverse and fog lights to make sure they do not fail the ITV. Headlight alignment is done on a case by case basis.

Will the Headlight stickers that change the beam work?

No, they are temporarily a good way to help other drivers but they will not pass the Spanish ITV. Simply the car will immediately fail and need to be put right before a Spanish ITV retest. The only way to ensure passing the ITV is new Changing Headlights In Spain Realignment.

Can you provide Changing Headlights In Spain Realignment?

Yes, we feel we have the contacts to beat most quotes from brand new headlights. We source and get delivered to us or directly to you anywhere in Spain your new headlights and we have one of our qualified mechanics for the lights for you. Buying brand new or having your headlights realigned, we can get a quote to realign the headlights. This is not always cheap and not always possible. Contact us for a free quote for your headlights today.

Are the headlights under warranty?

Most of the headlights that we provide have a two-year warranty. We also send you to an English speaking garage near the ITV centre in Mijas to enable the fitting of the new Spanish headlights to enable compliance at the ITV centre. They will be fir in the garage and these are mechanics we know and trust to do the job quickly and professionally to enable Changing Headlights In Spain Realignment.

How do you check Changing Headlights In Spain Realignment?

You bring the car to us or if local we can drive to check out your headlights. We then check all over Europe to find the best price for new replacement headlights for your Vehicle. There are several different types of headlights,

  • Xenon headlights
  • Halogen Headlights
  • LED Headlights
  • Reflector & Projector Beam headlights

Depending on which headlights we identify in your vehicle we will source the cheapest new headlights in Europe and have them delivered to ourselves. Prices for the headlights fitting for the Spanish ITV and changing of the fog and reverse lights are on a case by case basis. Sometimes the bumper has to be removed and sometimes its more straight forward. Our team of fully registered and qualified mechanics can fit your new Spanish headlights. We find our prices are mostly MUCH cheaper than going to a garage directly as we have many sources to obtain the headlights for you for Changing Headlights In Spain Realignment.

We source our headlights in Spain from all over Europe, they are delivered to us very quickly from Spain, Germany, even the UK. Most headlights are under warranty for two years. And we guarantee a refund should the lights be incorrect. We have excellent relationships with some of the best priced, new Spanish headlight providers in the world. This means you can make significant savings on buying the headlights directly from the garages on the Costa Del Sol. Not only that we have a panel of English speaking mechanics on the Costa Del Sol all of which we have vetted heavily and we trust implicitly.

The advances of using us for your headlight changes in Spain?

  • Cheaper headlights without compromise of quality
  • Comprehensive support
  • Trusted Mechanics provided
  • Guaranteed correct headlights
  • Fog and reverse lights sourced
  • They are delivered directly to us or we deliver to the whole of Spain
  • We will collect your car and take it for the lights fitting (extra cost)
  • Headlight Realignment if possible

Changing Headlights In Spain Realignment does not have to be a long drawn out process with stress involved. Let us do the hard work for you. Contact us today and we will give you advice, maybe you can drive the car to us and we will check it for you.


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