register a german car in spain

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To register a German Car In Spain is a relatively straight forward process. the headlights on your German car are pointing in the correct direction, your fog light and reverse light are on the correct side. And the steering wheel on your German car is on the correct side for driving in Spain.

Table of Contents

    Relatively nothing much needs to change however we need to check your car to make sure that your vehicle has the best chance of passing the Spanish ITV centres. This involves checking the:

    • The headlights and beams
    • The windows including any tints
    • The tow bar if you have one
    • The tyres to make sure they conform to Spanish ITV standards.
    • The Speedometer
    • Any Modifications
    • What bulbs are working
    • Your windscreen wipers
    • All the backlights are working correctly
    • The hazards
    • Your German Car paperwork
    • The VIN number for your German car. (vehicle Identification Number)

    Basically, we make sure when you register a German Car In Spain car has the very best possibility of passing the Spanish ITV test and get your vehicle registered onto Spanish plates. We will help you every step of the way. We put your car through the ITV and deal with all the Spanish paperwork for you.

    What is neded to register a german car in Spain?

    We need your logbook (vehicle document) We also need to then do a FICHA TECHNICA or a “pre-inspection” this enables you to obtain a certificate of conformity which is needed for every vehicle to go through the Spanish ITV centres. This is provided in our free quotes and is part of the overall price to register a German car in Spain.

    We need your original logbook (vehicle document), your passport copy, a copy of your rental contract, deeds or Spanish Padron. Your driving license, and a signed copy of a consent form for us to work on your behalf. This enables us to speak with the DGT (Traffico) on your behalf. With this, we can then safely navigate all the Spanish processes to get your German car on Spanish reg plates.

    To register a German Car In Spain into Spain will have no import taxes as the car is classed as an EU vehicle. UNLESS the car was first registered outside of the EU. Example, the German car was imported originally from the USA, the Middle East and so on. As long as the German car is classed as an EU vehicle the only taxes will be for the matriculation onto Spanish plates and the emissions taxes, known as “Special registrations Tax”

    What paperwork is needed to register a German car in Spain?

    • Your Gram Vehicle Registration Document
    • A consent form for us to act on your behalf
    • Your ID – Passport, driving license
    • 1 of the following 3 for proof of address
    • Your property deeds
    • An in-date rental contract
    • A Padron dated in the last 3 months
    • register a German car in Spain

    Green Number Plates

    Green number plates enable you to drive your car legally in Spain for sixty days. You unsure you German vehicle with a Spanish insurance company. This means if you get pulled by the police your vehicle is legal. In that time we can make sure the car has its ITV test and all the appropriate paperwork has been presented before the green number plates run out and you have got your “real” Spanish number plates to put on after you import a German to Spain.

    When the ITV test is finished and the paperwork is delivered along with your new Spanish number plates then you just call your insurance company and switch from your green number plate number to your new registered Spanish number plate number.

    How long does it take for an ITV test?

    We can usually get you an ITV test within two weeks of request. This can differ and the ITV centres are very busy at the moment due to been backlogged after the dreaded corona virus. We have a great relationship with the ITV centres in Mijas, San Pedro, Malaga, Estepona and many other ITV centres in Spain. We receive no preferential treatment with the cars and whether they pass or not, the ITV centres are very professional. However, are communication is very good with them regards booking your ITV test.

    Should your German car need any repairs or alterations doing if it fails the ITV test we can help with a panel of qualified mechanics. This are our partners, and do a honest and reliable job on anything that fails the ITV test. This means you will fall foul of unscrupulous mechanics on the Costa del Sol ripping you off and doing bad repairs. This helps you to register a German car in Spain.

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