Remote service process

Welcome to our remote service paperwork and process page. Below is a walk through of the stages to get your vehicle registered in Spain if you are not close to us. For more info on how that works feel free to read here.

Stage 1. – Green Temporary plates (if needed) 150 euros €

If your vehicle is not legal to drive in Spain you will need green number plates which will give you 60 days in which to drive the vehicle legally in Spain whilst we do the matriculation for you (the vehicle needs to be insured on the temporary plates – we can help with a free quote if needed) . PLEASE NOTE THE PLATES APPROX 2 weeks with no fast-track option. The copies MUST be good scanned copies as the DGT will refuse to process them with bad copies. PLEASE ALSO NOTE WE CANNOT GET GREEN PLATES FOR VEHICLES WE ARE NOT DOING THE REGISTRATION FOR.

  • We need the ORIGINAL vehicle registration documents: UK (V5) or part 1 and 2 for EU vehicles contact us and we will send you the address. Only send by courier (we can provide one if needed)
  • POA – Proof of address – ONLY 1 of the following 3 needed: 1.Padron (dated in the last 3 months) 2.Property deeds in full (scanned), or, 3. an in date signed rental contract
  • Passport picture & signature page (with all four corners in)
  • NIE or TIE card back and front.

You can send these by clicking on the buttons below. We accept WhatsApp and email but please state your name and the vehicle. We will also send payment instruction to get started.

Stage 2. Sending paperwork we need to create a file to take to the ITV station.

The paperwork we need to put together in a file with a covering letter for you to take to your nearest ITV station. We will help you with a call before the ITV of exactly what to expect at the ITV station. How to take the car through, and what to do with the paperwork before and after. We will also give you info on what to check before the ITV to give the vehicle the best chance of success. We will provide you with a full file of what to take so there is no miscommunication with the ITV.

  • Good scanned copies of the vehicle registration documents UK (V5 ) or, parts 1 and 2 for EU documents.
  • POA – Proof of address – ONLY 1 of the following 3 needed: 1.Padron (dated in the last 3 months) 2.Property deeds in full (scanned), or, 3. an in date signed rental contract
  • Passport picture page (with all four corners in)
  • NIE or TIE card back and front.

Stage 3. Getting a Ficha Technica (certificate of conformity if needed)

We can do several things here, firstly you can send us pictures of the vehicle and we get you a fully legal certificate of conformity signed by an authorised agent. Or, we can provide a quick stock certificate of conformity which if any details need updating after the ITV we can deal with that for you directly with them. The first option is much easier and YOU WILL NEED A FICHA TECHICA to get the vehicle through the ITV. It cannot get tested at the ITV station without it. Your vehicle may already have a certificate of conformity but only ORIGINALS are accepted. Copies will not be accepted by the ITV station.

If you have already paid a deposit we will arrange this with you and the agent will be in contact directly. We will need this as the green plates arrive if you need them to save time getting an ITV appointment.

Stage 4: To get started & Payment:

Hopefully we have now given you a free quote regarding the cost for vehicle registration in Spain. If you are ready to move ahead with the remote service then we require a 700 euros deposit to start the process (plus 150e if you need green plates) Please contact us to get the bank transfer details and send a copy of the transfer which means we can start the process immediately even before the deposit clears.

The importance of good documents

The DGT, tax office, town hall and ITV stations all expect good scanned copies of the paperwork. If the copies are not good, corners cut off, blotches over information, unable to read when magnified, taken from an angle etc, they will usually always return the documents with a rejection email saying they will NOT accept the documents, which wastes a lot of time. This email can sometimes take up to 1 week before they let us know we have not satisfied them with what we have sent. We MUST send good copies. If you are struggling and do not have a scanner then please take pictures from directly above with all four corners in the picture and WhatsApp or email us with the documents and we can try and help make them acceptable. An example of a good copy is below.

Car Registration Costa Del Sol
An Example of good scanned paperwork. Good photos with all 4 corners in should be okay.