Car Impounded In Spain

Getting your car impounded in Spain

Have you had your UK or EU car impounded in Spain? Maybe, it has literally just been taken by the Grua to the pound with little or no explanation. If this is the case feel free to contact us to help retrieve your car back for you. We offer a service to enable you to get your car back quickly. Our closest pound on the Costa Del Sol is Mijas. However there any in the area and maybe you do even know where the car has been taken.

Why have I had my car impounded in Spain?

There are several reasons that your car may have been impounded. Usually, this is because your vehicle is missing the following. Valid insurance, a valid MOT, Vehicle tax is not up to date, your vehicle may be registered as been on Sorn (or the EU equivalent) or maybe even you do not have the correct paperwork in the car and the police have instructed the Grua to take your car and impound it. Your vehicle may also have been in Spain longer than 6 months which means it is now illegal.

Help with getting your car released from the pound

We offer a service to ensure we can get your vehicle from the pound. This involves you giving the necessary paperwork to enable us to do the job of getting the car released. The best is just to call us and tell us the situation regards where the car is, what paperwork you have been given and why they took the car in the first place. We will attend the pound and make sure we also visit the police station with you such as Mijas.

Getting your car released from the impound spain

That is absolutely no doubt that getting your car impounded in Spain is a very stressful and complicated process. If your car isn’t totally valid for the above reasons it’s going to be very difficult to get your car out of the pound. You may need green number plates, or, someone to transport your vehicle to enable getting matriculation onto Spanish number plates, or, to get your car to the ferry to enable you to take the car back to its country of origin.

This involves going to the police station and explaining the situation often to someone who has no sympathy for your current horrendous situation. Bottom line, is the car should have been valid and legal. Many people are unaware of the rules of keeping your car legal in Spain, many of which are unaware of the proper rules until you either matriculate the car to Spanish number plates or return the car to the country of origin.

Can you then matriculate the car?

Yes we can then help you get the car onto Spanish plates, we can also provide the green plates to ensure you can drive legally in Spain and use the car for a period of 60 days. This gives us time to do the process for you.

Can you get the car back to the UK or EU for us?

Absolutely, we have several options here. One is to get your car to Santander to ferry the car back to the UK. Or two we can put it on a transporter and take it all the way back to the UK for you. *note – If your car has no MOT you will need to have the car booked for an MOT in the UK to transport the vehicle. For EU car impounded in Spain please contact us.

You may laterally be stuck ay the side of the road now wondering why your you have had you car impounded. Well, here is wher you call us. Let us deal with it for you.

What documents should you have in the car?

What documents should you have in the car?

  • V5 Logbook (UK) Vehicle Registration Document (EU)
  • Accident Forms
  • Copy Of Passport
  • Copy Of NIE Number / Residency
  • Insurance Document
  • UK Cars the police will check the DVLA website to check if your car is taxed, MOT’d.
  • Driving License at all times.

We also offer offer many other services such as if you have locked yourself out of your car, even if you have no spare key. Recovering broken down cars and taking to your nearest garage. Helping with trusted mechanics to get your vehicle back up and running. Basically, we do it all. If you have any questions regards your vehicle or your has car impounded in Spain please contact us.

The dreaded parking fine in Spain

You may have just returned to your car to find the vehicle has gone and there is no sign of where is was taken. This is usually a parking fine, and there should be a triangular sticker on the curb where your car was, on a post nearby or in some cases on the floor where you car is parked, this can sometimes be difficult to find. It could even be under a car that has now parked in the space you car used to be. On this ticket “should” be a number of where your car has been taken to. This is the same process as having your car impounded in Spain. You should call the number and have them explain where the car is. You will have to follow the process to get your car back.