Importing a UK car to Spain after Brexit

Uk cars coming to spain after brexit have three routes. 1) Registering the vehicle in as part of a recent or new residency in Spain 2) registering the vehicle as a non resident of Spain and 3) having a UK vehicle in Spain PRIOR to Brexit. Each route has a different cost and taxes to calculate for importing a UK car to Spain after Brexit.

A valid Sales invoice is necessary if the vehicle is not in the name of the person wishing to register the vehicle in Spain. There are several steps to register the vehicle.

What are the steps to register a UK car after Brexit?

  • Getting a certificate of conformity (Ficha Reducia)
  • Requesting an ITV (Technical Inspection)
  • obtaining the ITV fichas when the vehicle has passed inspection
  • Proving a import certificate
  • Final regsitration of the vehicle in Spain
  • Paying the road tax
  • Paying the emission charges (Modelo 576)
  • Ordering the physical Spanish number plates
  • Ordering a ECO sticker
  • The DGT for the new Spanish paperwork in your name

What information is used to calculate the cost to register a UK car in Spain after Brexit?

  • A valid V5C document – To calculate the taxes
  • Valid insurance , MOT and Road tax in the UK
  • Validation of the vehicle, recent resident or becoming a resident
  • Validation of import duties and VAT for non-residents
  • Validation of proof the vehicle was here before Brexit
  • Checking the EU conformity of the vehicle
  • The Co2 emissions from the exhaust
  • The age and date of first registration
  • Identification and proof of address

All UK cars will need a DUA (import) certificate?

There is much confusions about at Importing a UK car to Spain after Brexit at the moment, will there be taxes, will not there not be taxes, what will the taxes be if any? we now have clarification of ‘present rules’ we cannot guarantee these will not change in the near future. If you are bringing a car that is in the UK at present this is much easier and contact us.

In January of 2021 and after deliberation, UK cars were to be asked for more documentation than previously before the 31st of December 2020 (Brexit) The UK is now considered a “third country” in Spain and the EU and as a result the way UK cars are matriculated onto Spanish plates has changed.

However, there is the possibility of waiving these very high taxes. Albeit, you should check if you are eligible to qualify for the exemption. To potentially waive the taxes in Spain depends on the following circumstances

  • You are becoming resident or have become resident in the previous 12 months
  • You are not becoming residenct and wish you UK car to Stay in Spain
  • You had a vehicle in Spain prior to Brexit that has not left Spain.

In january of 2021 the DGT (Traffico) gave the news that as from the 1st of january all UK vehicles needed to provide a DUA (import) certificate. This document gives proof that the vehicle has passed through customs. The DGT now require ALL UK vehicles provide a import customs certificate even if you are waiving these taxes due to residency, or PRE brexit proof of the vehicle in Spain.

Good News .. Proving your UK vehicle was in Spain before Brexit

Progress and great news is that in Andalucia if we can prove that your car was in the country before the 31st of December we can for the time being process the matriculation on to Spanish plates without the DUA (import customs document). This cannot be a picture of the car outside your property etc, we need solid proof. Imagine you are the DGT agent and he is signing of the Spanish matriculation.

Proof would need to be in the form of pre 31st December 2020

  • Green (temporary plates) plates
  • An ITV test
  • Traffic Fines
  • Travel Documents including Ferry or Eurotunnel
  • Maintenance or mechanics bills and facturas
  • Anything you have that can prove the vehicle was here before the 31st December 2020

We cannot guarantee the decision that proof has been made. This decision lies with the DGT.

Importing a UK car To Spain

Make sure that your that your import agent has the correct DUA certificate prior to shipping. They can sort this for you. If not, the vehicle may get taxed at point of entry into Spain (31% of the book price of the vehicle) This can and should be avoided by your importer. Should you need a quote for importing your car to Spain then please contact us.

We can help with importing a UK car to Spain and we can also ensure the possibility of being able to waive car import taxes for residency applications.

Waiving Import & Emissions Taxes on UK Cars for residency

If you are Importing a UK car in Spain and you are in the process of, or just taking residency then in most circumstances both import taxes and emission taxes can be waived. This will be highlighted in a FREE quote we can give you. All other normal taxes and fixed costs such as road tax in Spain, the ITV test, DGT etc will apply as normal. Basically meaning other than a DUA certificate that it is business as usual as it was before Brexit UK cars and residency. We provide residency applications as part of our service should you need it.

For taxes to be waived we need proof of:

  • Residency in the last 6 months – Waives import taxes
  • Residency within the last 60 days – Waives emission taxes
  • You need to be on the ball with up to date Padron and paperwork for Brexit UK Cars and residency

We will check your car free – Pre ITV check

Drive your car to us in Riviera Del Sol with prior appointment, we will check your car for what might be failed for the ITV test. Headlights, tyres etc. This is a unique service we offer and we perform roughly 15 checks. A pre ITV check. Be sure to bring all paperwork with you so we can scan the paperwork if you decide you need us to get your car on Spanish plates.

Other factors to take into consideration

There are many other factors to take into account. Are the headlights adapted? Do they need realignment, does the car have a Ficha Technica, are there any other ITV fails on your car? All of this needs addressing.

Our Solution to Importing a UK car to Spain after Brexit

  • Waiving of taxes to tie into residency (there is a time limit)
  • Proving the car has EU conformity and proof the car was in Spain prior to Brexit (not applicable if importing now)
  • Importing a UK car to Spain
  • UK car import taxes
  • Free quotes in the meantime including the DUA
  • Attend with you in person at the DUA (extra cost)
  • A check of your vehicle FREE to see what extra costa your UK car may need
  • We do the Ficha Technica required for the ITV (we can come to you if geographically sensible)
  • Residency packages to tie in with importing you car to Spain
  • Headlight realignments or new headlights
  • ITV test booking and we do it for you
  • All taxes dealt with
  • Road tax dealt with
  • Plates and paperwork delivered to us and we fit the plates on the car for you
  • Mechanics to help pre/post ITV
  • FREE retest if car fails
  • Much more…….

Feel free to contact us for more info.