ITV Tests

ITV Tests Mijas 1# Book Cita – Super quick

Do you need your car taking for ITV tests in Mijas? If you have your car import in Spain and it is to be put into Spanish plates you need your car to go through the Spanish ITV test. There is a lot of preparation needed before you take your car through the Spanish ITV test Mijas. Firstly, you need a Ficha Technica, (a pre certificate) to enable you to book the ITV test. Pre inspections can also be carried out by us. We also use ITV centres at San Pedro, Estepona and others.

When we give you a free quote on your car being put on Spanish plates we also check your car over visually. Lights, bulbs, speedometer, tyres, washers, VIN number, backlights, window tints, are much more are checked to enable no hiccups when the car goes through the ITV tests centre. A further mechanical inspection of your suspension and brakes is available at cost.

Do you put the car through the ITV Tests Mijas?

All these points are checked prior to your ITV test being booked which we do for you. We also take the car through the ITV test for you also. This is a big deal as it means we enhance the chances of your car passing the ITV test Mijas. We put literally hundreds of cars over the years through the Spanish UTV and we know the process inside out.

You can meet us at the ITV centre or we can drive your car to the ITV centre if your insurance permits us to drive the vehicle ourselves. We would drop your car back with you after the ITV tests have been carried out.

Do you deal with everything?

Yes, and we mean everything, the quote, the car, the paperwork, the Ficha technica, the plates ordering and fitting, the free quote, the mechanics, the pre-ITV tests check, the taxes, the DGT (traffico) basically you just have to know where we are up yo with your vehicle. We feel we are unrivalled on the coast and its not just a help[ in hand with the paperwork we literally do the whole service for you.

Can you source headlights?

Yes, we can source, fit and adapt the height of the headlights to pass the ITV test. At the ITV centre they are very particular about the lights. It can be a fail just on some minor adjustments. We can also source fog and reverse lights if they are needed though these are usually ok on EU cars that are left-hand drive.

What tests are performed at the ITV tests Mijas centre?

After presenting the paperwork at the ITV centre, you wait for your car to be called to a lane. Thereafter they check the headlights first. Then they check the emissions of the car, the tyres including the load of the tyres and the they match. The VIN number, the indicators, the hazards, the beams of the headlights, the washers. Any modifications, the taillights, the fog, the reverse and the hazards again at the back of the car.

Your car is then put on the rolling road where you need to hit the brakes gently until they are at a certain point. Then press the brakes harder which measures the effectiveness of the brakes, this is done for front, back and handbrake. The final part of the test is to drive over the pit where you move the steering wheeel side to side and the ITV technician checks your brakes and suspension.

This is some of the processes before you find out if your vehicle has passed the ITV tests. If a fail they tell you why and you have 60 days to put right the failures. The retest is free. Contact us today