Register A Swedish Vehicle In Spain

Swedish cars are registered under an EU vehicle status, this makes the process to register a Swedish vehicle in Spain pretty straight forward. EU vehicle in Spain have all the gizmos on the vehicle in the right place. The lights, steering wheel, mirrors etc. are all in the correct place and nothing much needs changing much Pre ITV. The ITV is the same as a road worthiness check in Sweden.

We offer a free pre ITV inspection of your Swedish vehicle to see if there is anything obvious that might fail the ITV, we also check the lights, tyres and the NEW OBD (On Board Diagnostics) readings before the vehicle goes to the ITV inspection. Faults on the OBD are now an instant fail.

Do You Book The ITV?

Yes, we book the ITV, send a file with all the correct paperwork and drive the vehicle through the ITV for you. We deal with the paperwork before and after the technical test (ITV) you meet us there. If you are not geographically close to us please read this article on our remote service. As far as we know we offer the most comprehensive in depth service on the Costa Del Sol. ITV fails are also included with a FREE second test when the vehicle has undertaken the repairs to what has failed and we also help with trusted mechanics.

Have You Registered Many Swedish Vehicles Onto Spanish Number Plates?

Yes, we have lost count. Please contact us so we can make a study of your vehicle. Swedish cars are usually well maintained and looked after this minimises any potential mishaps with the registration. ?

What Paperwork Is Needed To Register A Swedish Vehicle In Spain?

  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of proof of address (Padron, deeds or rental agreement)
  • Your vehicle registration document(s) Part 1 and 2
  • A certificate of conformity if the vehicle has one.

Are There Taxes To Pay?

The only “extra” taxes to pay will be transfer of ownership if the vehicle is not yet in your name (we can provide this service) or, emission charges. Emission charges apply to any vehicle that has over 120GPKM (grams per kilometre) We can tell you by looking at your documents exactly what the emission charges will.

What Other Things Can Go Wrong Registering A Swedish Vehicle In Spain.

The vehicle has to have European conformity. Just because it has a Swedish number plate, or, because it was bought in Sweden does not always mean the it has the EU conformity stamp, let us check for you. If it does not, a Swedish vehicle will have to pay FULL import duty and IVA (VAT) on the vehicle if registering in Spain.

UNLESS, you have or intend to become resident in in Spain. There is a time limit for this. The easiest thing to do is to contact us and let us check you paperwork and situation. Or arrange to drive the car to us.

Do you need both parts 1 and 2 for a Swedish Vehicle.

Yes, there are two paper parts of the vehicle registration documents. The yellow and blue documents basically part 1 and part 2. Both of these are needed in Spain to complete the final registration of the vehicle. If you do not have both don’t worry we can work through getting and ITV inspection regardless. However, it will be necessary before the vehicle registration is complete to have both documents.

We know sometimes the country of origin it is not always needed to have both documents, in Spain it is essential that you have them. contact us if you do not have both parts 1 and 2 and we will help.