Car Registration Costa Del Sol

Your Quote Explained

This is a breakdown of the quote we have sent you. We offer the most extensive premium service on the coast. Below is a list of the processes we do to register your vehicle in Spain. Beware of cheap quotes that do not offer the same level of expertise or service, we are completely transparent with fees most of which are Government taxes and processing fees, emission charges, and road tax charges, they are unavoidable costs if done legally. If you have had a vastly cheaper quote then there is more than likely something not correct which will arise later in the process.

A breakdown of the quote: Fixed costs

Applicable if you do the vehicle yourself:

Fixed Costs : We pay on your behalf the College of Gestors, the DGT, physical number Plates, ITV technical inspection and provide an authorised certificate of conformity (Ficha Technica)

  • Road Tax: Estimated: If less you are refunded the difference. 
  • Special Registration Tax: Emission Charges: Anything over 120 gpkm (for cars) of C02 incurs this charge; these are paid by us to the tax office on your behalf. For motorcycles the emission charges are calculated differently.

**The above 3 costs are fixed and payable if you do the vehicle yourself these costs cannot be avoided to register the vehicle properly**

Here’s what we do for you.

  • *New* clear faults on your OBD on-board computer (cars only).   This is now a fail at the ITV if faults are found.
  • Create a file and send it to the ITV and book an appointment for a technical inspection.  
  • Provide a certificate of conformity. (Ficha Technica) we do it at your home normally.  ITV cannot be done without it.  
  • Provide figures for import duty and IVA after Brexit  *UK cars only*
  • Book and take the vehicle through the ITV for you, we do the test. You meet us there. (unless doing our remote service)
  • Deal with paperwork at the ITV before the inspection. 
  • If the vehicle fails we book a retest for you and attend with you a second time free. We also inform you what needs to be done for the failure of the inspection.
  • Deal with paperwork when the vehicle has passed the inspection.
  • Provide you with documents at the ITV so if you get pulled over by the Police you have the correct documents so you do not get a fine. (The ITV retain the original vehicle registration documents pass or fail) A Folder is also provided at completion with all documents you need to keep in the car so you do not get a fine if pulled over by the Police including an accident form (must have in Spain)
  • If the vehicle is not in your name we provide a certificate from the tax office in Spain that the VAT is correct on the sales invoice so you do not have to pay VAT twice.
  • Pay the road tax at the town hall on your behalf and ensure they have your correct address for annual reminders. Proof of road tax paid is provided
  • Pay the emission charges to the tax office on your behalf (if any)
  • Register the vehicle with the DGT and the tax office.
  • Receive all the relevant new paperwork and provide that in a folder with the new Spanish documents, proof of road tax paid, congestion charge sticker,  and new physical registration plates will be provided. We will fit these on your vehicle if in our area or post to you by courier if not.
  • Basically the vehicle will be fully legal and everything up to date.
  • Provide quotes for insurance on the new Spanish plates. 
  • We also now provide ALL vehicles with the new emission sticker which is a legal requirement in every vehicle from 1st January 2023

If you are shopping on price please ensure that ALL of these services are included and done properly by other companies.

Vehicle Folder
Vehicle folder with all relevant docs.

Make sure you have everything you need DONE and Legal and presented in a Folder to keep in the car.

What’s required to get started:

We require a 700 euros deposit to start the process, we then get the certificate of conformity done and book the ITV inspection for you. We will require paperwork. The remainder of the quote is payable AFTER the ITV has been passed and the final registration is processed with the town hall, DGT and the tax office. Contact us to get payment details for the deposit and we start today.