Registering A French Vehicle In Spain

Registering a french Vehicle in Spain 1#

Registering a French vehicle in Spain is pretty straight forward. As France is obviously part of the EU to registration process of a French Vehicle makes the process pretty slick. There are several factors to take into account to the cost of each French vehicle. Firstly, the emissions tax you pay in Grams of C02 whish we can calculate for you.

Documents you need for registering a French vehicle in Spain

  • French Vehicle registration Documents front and back
  • Certificate of conformity if you have one
  • Details of emissions (Co2 Grams per Kilometre)
  • Copy of NIE or TIE card

Do you need to pay import duty?

There are no import duty or IVA to pay on Registering A French Vehicle In Spain and we can arrange a certificate of conformity for you if the French vehicle does not already have one. Every vehicle is different and the cost is calculated from the information provided.

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Fun fact – French vehicles number plates are all riveted – it is illegal in France to use screws.

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Is registering a French vehicle in Spain expensive?

Generally no. The only extra cost that needs to be calculated is the emission charges. This is the Co2 that emits from the exhaust. Basically the bigger the engine the more tax you pay. Anything under 120 GPKM has no charge. Over that, many different factors come into play to calculate the tax. make, model, engine, vehicle age, all are taken into consideration when calculating the charges.

Is it worth it?

It can make sense to register your French vehicle in Spain. Spanish vehicles are very expensive second hand and generally not that looked after and often very high mileage. For this reason, registering a French vehicle in Spain is generally a good idea. Especially, as the vehicle can be imported into Spain very easily geographically. Bringing in the vehicle is pretty straightforward as France is part of the EU so the matriculation is very straightforward also. Many of our clients also matriculate vehicles Denmark or Germany for instance.

To Register a french Vehicle do you help with the ITV test?

Itv Tests

Yes, we meet you at the ITV (if geographically sensible) we supply paperwork before and after. we book the ITV for you and we take it through the ITV at the test. We also, get the paperwork after the vehicle has passed and we deal with the final registration. Should your French vehicle fail we book a second retest and help a second time. A retest is free for both our service and the ITV centre.

Are all french cars EU conformity?

No, mostly French vehicles have EU conformity. However, let us check if your vehicle is not an import. Many French cars are registered but do not carry the EU conformity stamp. If this is the case this changes the ability to not pay high import duty and IVA taxes. Let us check this for you by sending us CLEAR SCANS so we can check Registering a French Vehicle in Spain.

What needs changing on a French Vehicle?

Basically, nothing. To register the French vehicle through the ITV the steering wheel is on the correct side, the vehicle speedometer is in kilometres, the lights point in the correct direction. It may fail the ITV but from a point of view regards the standard its go to go. We do a free quick check of your vehicle for any potential fails pre ITV test.