Ex Pat Car Insurance Costa Del Sol

Are you looking for Ex Pat car insurance Costa Del sol? Maybe, you need a car insured from the UK or the EU that is being matriculated onto Spanish Plates? Maybe, your own car insurance has run out and you need to drive in Spain legally. All the factors are difficult to navigate unless you have the correct information. Usually, what is needed to drive your legally in Spain. Or, whilst you swap your number plates for Spanish ones being able to still drive your car.

How long can you drive legally in spain ?

This varies depending on your cars situation. And the period is from 1 to 6 months. certain factors have to come into play here. Firstly, insurance, MOT (UK cars) or vehicle road tests for the EU, road tax, all must be in place. You may be driving with an illegal vehicle. Don’t get your vehicle impounded as that is a nightmare. We do not offer full advice as every car is different is it better to contact us and we can make sure your vehicle is legal to drive. Or we can offer solutions to make sure you are not driving an illegal vehicle.

Can you get car insurance whilst you do the matriculation?

Yes, your car could be legal with your own homeland insurance or you can insure the vehicle to drive whilst the vehicle matriculation is being taken care of. Again, there are a number of factors with this to make the legal. Green plates can be provided to drive the car for 60 days.

Even if your vehicle is insured in the country of origin you may still need Ex Pat Car insurance. It’s best to avoid any nasty surprises if you get pulled over by the police. We offer a FREE quote on car insurance for Ex pats for both EU and UK vehicles. Our brokers look to get the best deal possible.

Ex Pat car Insurance Spain

Getting your vehicle impounded in Spain is a experience best avoided. We for that reason suggest contacting us to firstly make sure your vehicle is fit to drive and secondly make sure if god forbid you have an accident you and your vehicle are insured.