Register a Tesla in Spain

The main good news to register a Tesla in Spain is that there are no emission charges to pay to the government. Only the registration costs, road tax (if any) and a technical inspection. The Tesla, does need to regsiter at the tax office however has zero emission taxes to pay.

The cost to register a Tesla in Spain is approx 900 euros if you need a Ficha Technica (certificate of conformity) so, not expensive and very rarely a problem at the ITV for the inspection.

Cost for registering a Tesla in Spain.

The above Tesla was a UK plated Tesla, unfortutaely this one ended up in the impound which we helped get released. Green plates were acquired to have the vehicle released and the regsitration of the Tesla in Spain was then done. It flew through the ITV only having a minor fault of the fog light being on the wrong side as a uk Tesla. The headlight on a Tesla are also adaptive.

EU Teslas do not have this problem as all the correct lights are on the correct sides. the EU Teslas are very easy to do and as yet we have had not one even have a minor fault in the ITV inspection. A lot of the lights & settings have control from the Tesla Touchscreen a degree of control can be had to change the fog light for example if needed.

Should you have an EU, UK or non EU Tesla in Spain it is very important that your vehicle is checked by sending the vehicle registration documents. you can do that by using our contact page here.